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Grand Prize Winner: $100,000

Satavie has developed a soy protein concentrate from soybean meal utilizing a water extraction method that ensures high levels of digestibility, improved nutrient absorption, and increased feed conversion rates ideal for swine, poultry and aquaculture feed.

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Second Place Winner:  $50,000

POLARISqb utilizes quantum computing and artificial intelligence to revolutionize drug design. They are developing a feed additive, specifically a peptide, that makes soymeal feed digestible and nutritious for livestock without relying on costly extraction methods.

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Third Place Winner:  $20,000

SoyKitty is an innovative pet company that creates premium companion animal products that are safer for people, pets and the planet. Their flagship product will be an eco-friendly, nontoxic cat litter made predominantly from soybean byproducts (spent flakes, carbohydrates, etc.) for eco-conscious cat owners that demand an odor-free household without hurting the planet.

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Fourth Place Winner:  $10,000

Ichthus Unlimited aims at resolving bottleneck issues for the aquaculture industry and providing solutions for its sustainability and permanence. A key research and development focus of Ichthus is to develop soy-based (from soy hulls) animal feed binders to replace costly alternatives.

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